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Daniel Schugurensky (Ph.D., University of Alberta, Canada) is the Coordinator of the M.A. program in Social and Cultural Pedagogy at Arizona State University, where he also coordinates the Participatory Governance Initiative at the School of Public Affairs and the Justice and Social Inquiry Program at the School of Social Transformation. Dr. Schugurensky has taught courses in many universities around the world, including the University of Toronto, the University of California at Los Angeles, the University of Paris, Leuven University, Universidad de Huelva, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Universidad de Cordoba and University of Malta. Among his recent publications are "Social pedagogy in North America: Historical Background and Current Developments" (2015), "Social Pedagogy and Critical Theory: A Conversation with Hans Thiersch" (2014), "A social worker, a community development worker and an adult educator walk into a bar: on strange bedfellows and social pedagogy" (2014), Social pedagogy: historical traditions and transnational connections (2013), and Paulo Freire (2011).

Dana Keller spent almost ten years at Starbucks corporate in the 80s and 90s helping lay the foundation for their growth into a global phenomenon. She spent over 16 years as a consultant in corporate training and communications to a wide variety of organizations across the United States, and is a talented public speaker and performer. She is a recent graduate of the Masters in Social and Cultural Pedagogy program at Arizona State University and also received a graduate certificate in Socially Engaged Practice. Her passion is to advocate for social justice through arts and education, with an emphasis on the importance of play as a lifelong activity.

Holly Nicolaisen is currently pursuing an MA in Social and Cultural Pedagogy at Arizona State University with a certificate in Museum Studies. She is interested in the intersections of museums, education, social change work, as well as social and public pedagogy. She believes that cultural institutions can be central to the advancement of social justice through the exchange of thoughts and experiences. Her work addresses how these theories and practices interact within the context of museums as catalysts for social change. She is currently the Graduate Director of the School of Social Transformation's Writing Mentorship Center, Education Assistant at the Tempe History Museum, and was the founding president of the Social and Cultural Pedagogy Graduate Organization.

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