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What is the Social Pedagogy Association (SPA)?

The Social Pedagogy Association (SPA) brings together practitioners, academics, students and others to exchange experiences and to share knowledge and resources about social pedagogy theory, research and practice.​


We are a member-driven association aimed at improving the practice and the study of social pedagogy, a field that combines educational and social interventions to promote social well-being and a more just and democratic society.

Our Vision

Our vision is to actively engage with social pedagogical researchers and practitioners within the US and communities abroad, bridging the past and future of social pedagogy as we explore and work toward a more just and democratic society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide members opportunities to collaborate and share knowledge and resources as we explore and develop social pedagogy in the United States.

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Strategic Actions

  • A convening organization with the intent of sharing knowledge and experiences.

  • Educating about social pedagogy.

  • Creating dialogue.

  • Tracking the growth and development of social pedagogy in the United States.

  • Creating inclusive spaces for dialogue.

  • Collaborating with the international community.


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