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Dana Keller

Ask Me About Play/ Lifelong Learning


Dana Keller is co-founder and the first President of the Social Pedagogy Association. Dana now serves as Co-President of the Board and continues to give her time and talent to SPA.


Dana spent nearly a decade at Starbucks in a variety of corporate positions in the 80s and 90s, helping lay the foundation for their growth into a global phenomenon. She then spent over 20 years as a private consultant in corporate training and communications to a wide variety of organizations across the United States and is a talented public speaker and performer. After years at the corporate grind, Dana knew she wanted to take her love for education and pivot to a freer, more meaningful path.


Dana holds an  MA Social and Cultural Pedagogy from Arizona State University, complemented by a graduate certificate in Socially Engaged Practice. Her passion is to advocate for social justice through arts and education, with an emphasis on the importance of play as a lifelong activity.


She is currently working as an Adult ELA (English Language Acquisition) Instructor with Friendly House and you can reach out to her at

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