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Exploring Social Pedagogy

This is our first blog post! As the Social Pedagogy Association continues to grow, one of the key aspects of our work is to explore what social pedagogy looks like in the United States. The term is not yet widely used here, and yet there are some great examples of people practicing what could be considered social pedagogy or social education.

We are inviting you as a member to be a part of this discussion. Who are you? Why are you here? What kind of work do you do and why? Our goal is to engage in active discussions about what social pedagogy is and how it is being taught and practiced in the United States.

Of course, part of the conversation also has to do with being connected with other social pedagogues around the globe. As the term becomes more widely known in the U.S., it will be worthwhile to connect with colleagues around the world and become informed by the global history and practice of social pedagogy.

We're looking forward to the conversation! Please consider contributing a blog post by sending us your ideas at and check out our discussion forums frequently for new ideas and information.



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