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Sharon Torres

Sharon is a graduate student in the Social and Cultural Pedagogy program. She is also the Program Coordinator Sr for Advocacy at the Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology at ASU. In this capacity, Sharon serves as the liaison for the National STEM Collaborative, a consortium of higher education institutions and non-profit partners whose mission is to amplify knowledge, build networks, and scale best practices that support girls and women of color in STEM.

Sharon comes to CGEST having served in various capacities within higher education since 2001. At ASU, she had served as Coordinator for Project Humanities and Student and Cultural Engagement, wherein she was responsible for planning and implementing numerous programs and activities and for creating new initiatives and partnerships in education and programming.

Prior to ASU, Sharon had worked at Western Connecticut State University, Temple University, and Princeton University. Her area of interest and practice was always focused on student leadership and development, receiving accolades from the Association of College Unions International and her alma mater for her work in enriching student engagement.
Her research focuses on the academic and social value of culturally relevant teaching in both formal and informal education because she believes that engaging in out-of-classroom learning is just as important as academics. She says, “Lived experience teaches us in ways we cannot learn from a book and transforms us into well rounded citizens of humanity”.

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