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Dr. Lisbeth Eriksson

Dr. Lisbeth Eriksson is associate professor in educational research affiliated with the University West and Linköping University (Sweden). Her research has focused on multiculturalism, migrants, integration, adult learning and social pedagogy. For several years, she has carried out a number of research projects dealing with social pedagogical and adult learning. She has also published several research reports and books in these fields.


Concerning social pedagogy, her main focus has been on the theoretical understanding of the concept. Currently, she participates in different national and international social pedagogy research networks. Among her publications are "Community development and social pedagogy: traditions for understanding mobilization for collective self-development", "Interpreting the concept of social pedagogy", "Learning to fly: social pedagogy in a contemporary society", "The understandings of social pedagogy from northern European perspectives", and "Social Pedagogy in Sweden."


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