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Joshua D. Watson

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Dr. Joshua D. Watson is a native Arizonan and alumni of Arizona State University (ASU) where he completed his undergrad in Interdisciplinary Studies (2013) and Masters in Social Pedagogy (2015). He is also an alumni of the University of Southern California (USC) where he completed his Doctor of Education degree (2018). He has served in both faculty and administrative capacities at ASU and USC prior to joining Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies as the Assistant Director of Student Services.

Dr. Watson is passionate about creating infrastructure and systemic change to support vulnerable populations and eliminate inequities in higher education. In his current scholar and practitioner roles, he finds assurance in knowing that he is doing everything in his capacity in offering all students the advantage and opportunity of a strong education that will prepare them for the careers they desire, in a cultural and social framework that helps them develop the buoyancy to perform and succeed after graduation.

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