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Jeremy Omori

Jeremy Omori is a graduate student in the MA Social Cultural Pedagogy program at Arizona State University, where he also received his bachelors of arts in Human Communication, with a focus in intercultural communication and performance studies. His work was presented in the field of Communication (ASU’s The Empty Space, Western States Communication Association and National Communication Association), as well as in Public Pedagogy (Public Pedagogies Institute). He is currently an officer for the Social and Cultural Pedagogy Graduate Organization, as well as for Local to Global Justice, both housed in Arizona State University’s School of Social Transformation.
His research focuses on the intersections of critical communication pedagogy and public pedagogy, and the methods in which the two areas can create new ways to analyze the performance of identity, community and space/place making, in informal education settings. He is currently working on a book chapter on critical communication pedagogy and new media, where he utilizes public pedagogy as a way to expand the field into a new framework, through the use of video games and Let’s Plays, and how these sites create communities through shared experiences. His thesis currently looks at the ways in which community is created in “gaymer” community/ies, and how language and shared experience creates a space that caters to those whose needs are not met in the larger LGBTQ community.

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