Kara O'Neil

Kara O’Neil holds an MA in Social Cultural Pedagogy from Arizona State University. Kara also served as a co-founder and former officer of the Social and Cultural Pedagogy Graduate Organization (SCP-GO) at Arizona State University. She has worked in a variety of care-settings, to include group homes for children with special needs, residential retirement homes, and more recently as a co-founder and Board President of the Foster Children's Rights Coalition, and as a member of the Board of the Social Pedagogy Association. She works closely with international partners toward the shared goal of expanding the reach and understanding of Social Pedagogy worldwide. Kara is an accomplished public speaker. Her academic interests include children's rights, citizenship, political literacy, cultural and transnational relationships, and social media in relation to social change and social movements.  She is passionate about progressive social transformation, cultural literacy, and political literacy.

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