Dana Keller

Ask Me About Play/ Lifelong Learning


Dana Keller is co-founder and the first President of the Social Pedagogy Association. Dana now serves as Executive Secretary of the Board and continues to give her time and talent to SPA.


Dana spent nearly a decade at Starbucks in a variety of corporate positions in the 80s and 90s, helping lay the foundation for their growth into a global phenomenon. Dana wrote the first Starbucks operations manual, as well as working with the original Starbucks training production teams. She then spent over 20 years as a private consultant in corporate training and communications to a wide variety of organizations across the United States and is a talented public speaker and performer. After years at the corporate grind, Dana knew she wanted to take her love for education and pivot to a freer, more meaningful path.


Her search took her to the Social and Cultural Pedagogy (SCP) program at Arizona State, where she was among the first SCP graduates in the United States. Dana now holds an  MA Social and Cultural Pedagogy from Arizona State University, complemented by a graduate certificate in Socially Engaged Practice. Her passion is to advocate for social justice through arts and education, with an emphasis on the importance of play as a lifelong activity.


You can find out more about Dana and her work at www.danakeller.net and you can reach out to her at dana@danakeller.net.